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Cyberith E3

Cyberith shows their awesome Virtualizer in the E3 fair in L.A., California.
Numerous people came to the stand to play with the Virtualizer to live the games like no other plataform before.
I´m proud to be working with this team in this amazing project. And make me double proud that Steven Spielberg, my favourite film director -and the man who did the movies that made me want to become also a filmmaker-, was there, with the Cyberith team, trying by himself the Virtualizer.
I was working in a 3D model of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 of the Terminator movies to the model can work in Unity system and it can be shown as playable character in the Virtualizer.
From here I want to say congratullations to all the team! Great job!

I also have to say that Steven Spielberg, my all-time favourite film director, played with the 3D model that I did for The Virtualizer, an honor and a memory that I will keep always.

Terminator - By Rolls3DTerminator - By Rolls3DTerminator - By Rolls3DTerminator - By Rolls3DTerminator - By Rolls3D

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