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Rolls3D on Twich!

Greetings friends!I will be doing streaming working on different projects. Videogames, 3D, GZDooM Modding and many other stuff! I will be online in Rolls3D channel…
27 de febrero de 2021
The Veteran - By Rolls3DVFXVideogames

The Veteran

Greetings friends. Today I want to show you another personal work, a XVII Century veteran. This work doesn´t have historical accuracy, is totally invented. The…
9 de diciembre de 2020
Detective - By Rolls3DVFXVideogames

Detective Rolls

Greetings friends. Today I finished a personal work, a 1920s detective prepared to work as a playable character in Unreal Engine. By the moment I…
28 de septiembre de 2020
The Acolyte - By Rolls3DVFXVideogames

The Acolyte

This time I want show you a 3D creature that I created for a new horror videogame that I´m working on with BlooM Team. I…
27 de agosto de 2020