Videogame Art

2D and 3D Art for Videogames.
Character Design, Rigging, Shading, Texturing and Animation.
High Quality Pixelart for retro-style projects.

2D and 3D Assets, Characters and Environments for Videogames

Experience creating any kind of 2D and 3D assets for videogames, in modern and retro engines. Videogame Art for titles such as Black Rain, Rites, The Fireflowers Tale or Argentum Online. Lead Artist on the awarded BlooM Team mod BlooM.
Services of 3D and VFX for TV Shows, films, videoclips and other media.

3D and Pixelart solutions for the Gaming Industry.

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Character Design

Memorable and enganging characters, enemies and NPCs for videogames. Creature design.
3D Modeling, Texturing, Shading and Animation.
Sculpted Character 3D sketches.


Items, vehicles, machinery and other hard surface props.
Optimized for game engines, low poly and high poly 3D models.
Realistic or cartoon style for game assets.
Outsourcing game assets for indie and big studios.

Level Design

Careful level design taking into account the gameplay and balance of difficulty.
Experience in modern and old engines. Lighting, texturing and shading of maps and environments.


Rasterized computer graphics with retro style and good quality animations.
Complex environments and characters.
8-bits, 16-bits and 32-bits. Custom palettes and great pixelart design.
Rotoscopy and original animations.

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Video Game Art

Rolls3D provides 2D and 3D content for video game productions. Multidisciplinary skills, providing 3D concept art, 3D modeling, texturing, animation, rigging, previs, and look development services .
Aesthetics for interactive entertainment: storyboard, level design, character design, pixelart. Audiovisual content and high quality assets creation for different game engines.
Game Art Outsorcing. Original quality content optimized for games. Art design and love for the classic and modern style games.

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Art and Aestherics to provide the Videogames with a Deep Atmosphere

Game Art outsourcing services for mobile and PC game developers. 2D and 3D Characters, Concept Art, 3D Assets, Game UI Design, Avatars, Icons and Illustrations.


Assets, Characters and Environments for Videogames