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CGI Studio

VFX, Animation and Digital Art
Technical Artist with more than 10 years of international experience on the field, working on TV Shows, Features, Videogames and Commercials in Asia, Europe and America.
Creating high quality VFX, 3D, 2D animation and visual development specialized in production of content for TV shows, advertisings, films, and videogames.

More than 10 years of experience providing service in the international audiovisual sector, animation, illustration and VFX for commercials, TV series, advertising, Virtual Production, spots, shortfilms, TV shows, films and other media.

Unique contents, animation and live action CGI. Post-production, editing, digital special effects services.
Solutions in any field during the development of an audiovisual piece, from pre-production and storyboards to rendering and final finishing.
Long experience in design, illustration, production of designs for catalogs, flyers, instruction books and other works, ready for printing or digital format.



Films and TV




3D Branding


Digital Art

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Rolls3D provides a comprehensive range of creative services for television, film and advertising


TV Shows

Extensive experience on VFX, editing, 3D and postproduction for TV Shows, shorts, videoclips and other television pieces.


VFX Supervision on-set and studio for feature films, promotional videos, shortfilms and other media


Strong experience in branding, video products, spots and TV commercials


Design of catalogs, instruction books, posters, flyers and other promotional or corporative designs, prepared for both, digital and phisycal format

Videogame Art

Experience in artworks for videogames.
3D modeling, texturing, shading, rigging and animation. Character, props and environments.

Other services

Audiovisual assistance
2D Designs, Pixelart and experience with old and modern engines
Development, illustration, writing and more ...
Qixingji VFX by Rolls3D


Special Effects for Films and TV

Visual Effects for live action shot in filmmaking and video production.
VFX for TV, films, advertising, videoclips and other media.
The Legend of Zu


Digital Effects & Editing

Postproduction. Digital Effects, credit titles, intros, color correction, grading and edition
Lord of Darkness by Rolls3D


3D for Films and TV

3D Characters Design, Architectural and Mattepainting services.
Props and environments. Photorealisitc digital works.
Rolls3D on-set Zhengzhou film

On set VFX Supervision

Setup of set for VFX and postproduction

Lighting for chroma key, setup of scene, direction of VFX on-set team for Films, TV Shows and Commercials.
Dessert Island


3D Animation

Animation applied to advertising, cinema, animation series and video games. Project development through character design, concept arts, visual development and animations for content creators.
Sony Experia - Rolls3D


TV Spots and Advertising

Video marketing and animation for TV channels, companies, brands and institutions. Branding, corporate video, advertising and motion graphics.
Black Rain


2D Pixelart Animation, Characters and Environments

Rasterized digital art for videogames, videos and other media.
Retro design of characters and environments, old style rotoscoped complex animations.
Hank by Rolls3D


Drawn illustration and 2D Animation

2D cartoon style characters and designs for illustration, animation, comics and other media
Subb Niggurath


Storyboards and project planning

Preproduction, storyboard, concept art, sketches and 3D Layout.
Rolls3D Game Design

Game Art and Design

Game Design and Aesthetics for Videogames

Game art and design, level creation, development planning, game aesthetics and balance of gameplay.
Rolls3D Logo


2D & 3D Design

2D Design, 3D Design and Layout Design, flyers, illustrations, catalogs, storyboards, posters and other graphic designs for digital and printed formats.



Planning of recording, photography and film direction and film shooting.
Raw footage.

High Quality Audiovisual and Design Final Products

Rolls3D cover any part of the process for the development of an audiovisual piece, from the first steps of pre-production to the last touches of post-production and creation of the final product.

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