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Roberto Julio Alamo a.k.a. Rolls3D is a VFX Artist and filmmaker from Madrid, Spain.
With a trajectory of more than a decade working in VFX for cinema, series, TV commercials and Videogames in Asia and Europe, Rolls3D has worked in the audiovisual field for companies such as Sony, Lays, Lucky Strike, Estella Galicia or Nutribén, in television series such as The Legend of Zu or Ice Fantasy, and in feature films such as The Eagles or Future Chase.

Interested on art and new technologies from he was young, Roberto Julio has worked in audiovisual projects in Spain, Germany, and he has joined different Chinese studios during the eight years that he was working in Asia, having worked in TV Shows and Commercials for Pakistani and Spanish TV, and for series and movies broadcast on streaming systems, such as iQiyi or Netflix.

Rolls3D have experience as 3D Head of Department, VFX Supervisor on-set and International Relations in DaCheng Zhong Tian and 2020 Films in Zhuhai, China.  VFX Department Supervisor in YingMao Media in Zhengzhou, China. 2D and 3D Senior Designer in Bruegmann Group, Dortmund, Alemania and Zhuhai, China. His work has been recognised with different awards, such as Best Animation Film Award of Soundub.

Rolls3D is  also the founder of the production company VooR Productions, co-founder and Lead Artist of the indie video game studio BlooM Team and author of the book Tales from the Threshold.



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