CGI, VFX, Postproduction, Tracking, Character Design, Environments, Props, Mattepainting and Animation. Solutions for photorealisitc integration in Live Action shots. Cartoon animation for Films, TV and other media.

VisualFX, 3D, Postproduction and Animation

International experience in the field, having worked in CGI, VFX and post-production of TV Series such as The Legend of Zu, Magic Star or Ice Fantasy, and in feature films such as The Eagles or Future Chase.
Services of 3D and VFX for TV Shows, films, videoclips and other media.

Technical and artistic profile specialized in the different areas necessary to carry out a complete shot and sequence, from its beginning to the final result.
VisualFX and solutions for audiovisual projects, filmmakers and content creators.
Digital Composition, Rotoscopy, Digital Matte Painting, Color Grading, CGI, 3D integration, Tracking, Editing … All the steps to arrive to the Final Render.


TV Shows

Extensive experience on VFX, editing, 3D and postproduction for TV Shows, shorts, videoclips and other television pieces.


VFX Supervision on-set and studio for feature films, promotional videos, shortfilms and other media


3D Solutions for integration in Live Action Footage.
Tracking, 3D integration, lighting and animation for realistic renders.


Audiovisual production in its different genres and formats, with the mission of designing effective tools and solutions according to the needs of its clients.

Sir Jorah Mormont - By Rolls3D Sir Jorah Mormont - By Rolls3D

Visual Effects for Films and TV

More than 10 years of experience in the development of audiovisual content with 3D animation and post-production. Promoting ideas to generate innovative design and animation experiences.
High-end VFX for all type of media: Television, Film, Internet…
On set Supervision, 3D Character Design, 3D Creature Desgin, Art Direction, 3D Environments and Character Animation.
Particles and Simulation effects, Matte Painting, Compositing and Rotoscopy.

Rolls3D covers every step of the post-production of a shot, from Raw Footage to High Quality VFX shots.

Demon by Rolls3D

Amazing Special Effects for TV Shows and Feature Films

Creating a wide variety of inspiring digital visual effects, from animation through to CGI. VFX and digital 3D animation studio for feature films, TV and advertising, music clips, and other media.
Delivering High-end visual effects to help storytelling to reach the next level.
Layout, Animatics, 3D Design, Mattepainting, VFX and Postproduction. Every skill to give new life to every shot.

Rolls3D - Showreel 2020

Showreel Rolls3D 2020

Rolls3D - Qixingji

Showreel – Qixingji- 奇星记

Rolls3D - The Legend of Zu

Showreel – The Legend of Zu- 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇


Visual Special Effects
Audiovisual Solutions