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Alien Queen - By Rolls3DVFX

Alien Queen

Greetings friends, I want to show you my new 3D model: The Alien Queen, a tribute to the Stan Winston creature for the James Cameron…
11 de mayo de 2015
Tortured Soul - By Rolls3DVFX

Tortured Soul

Here I show you my new creature model: Tortured Soul.I get an old model that I did some years ago, and I reworked all the…
4 de mayo de 2015
Raptor - By Rolls3DVFX


Greetings friends, Today I want to show you my new creation: The Raptor. This model is based on the velociraptors that we can watch in…
8 de abril de 2015
Lord of Darkness - By Rolls3DVFX

Lord of Darkness

Greetings friends, I want to show my new work: The Lord of Darkness. Is a character based in the character played by Tim Curry in…
2 de abril de 2015
Bruegmann CanRollerMediaVFX

ProShelf – CanRoller

Greetings friends. On the occasion of my departure from the company Bruegmann, I would like to show you some of my latest works done during…
21 de marzo de 2015