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Black Rain - Alpha Version2DVideogames

Black Rain

Greetings friends! BlooM Team is back! We are developing a Cyberpunk Point and Click Adventure called "Black Rain". This is the Alpha Version. As some of…
3 de mayo de 2020
Cluster BlooMNewsVideogames

Cluster BlooM released!

Greetings doomers and bloodites! With BlooM Team we are releasing ClusterBlooM! ClusterBlooM is a mod for GZDooM that contains a hud with new slaughter levels…
24 de abril de 2020

Recycled – Marketplace

App Recycled - Marketplace dedicated to the sale of recycled products and materials for upcycling. A sustainable alternative contained in an app to encourage recycling…
15 de abril de 2020
Sir Jorah Mormont - By Rolls3DVFX

Sir Jorah Mormont

Greetings friends! A long time ago, when Game of Thrones was in it´s 5th season, I started a 3D model of the actor Iain Glen…
10 de abril de 2020