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Rolls3D New Logo!

I started with a new style for my brand, and I want to release the new Rolls3D Logo that I was working on these last…
26 de marzo de 2021

Rolls3D on Twich!

Greetings friends!I will be doing streaming working on different projects. Videogames, 3D, GZDooM Modding and many other stuff! I will be online in Rolls3D channel…
27 de febrero de 2021
The Veteran - By Rolls3DVFXVideogames

The Veteran

Greetings friends. Today I want to show you another personal work, a XVII Century veteran. This work doesn´t have historical accuracy, is totally invented. The…
9 de diciembre de 2020
Detective - By Rolls3DVFXVideogames

Detective Rolls

Greetings friends. Today I finished a personal work, a 1920s detective prepared to work as a playable character in Unreal Engine. By the moment I…
28 de septiembre de 2020
The Acolyte - By Rolls3DVFXVideogames

The Acolyte

This time I want show you a 3D creature that I created for a new horror videogame that I´m working on with BlooM Team. I…
27 de agosto de 2020
Willem Dafoe - By Rolls3DVFX

Willem Dafoe – 3D Bust

Greetings friends! I want show you a 3D model bust of the actor Willem Dafoe. It´s a simple sketch that I did in my free…
16 de agosto de 2020