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Proffesor Heisenberg - By Rolls3DVFX

Steampunk Proffesor Heisenberg

Greetings friends, Now I go to show you some renders and a video of the new character I created, based on the Steampunk aesthetic, called…
26 de octubre de 2011
Infoarchitecture - Rolls3DMediaVFX


Greetings friends,Below I'll show you some Infoarchitecture works.
3 de octubre de 2011
3D Fluids TestVFX

3D Fluids Tests

Greetings friends, Below I'll show you some tests that I performed with fluids and particles, using physics of Autodesk Maya and RealFlow.
20 de mayo de 2011
Warhawk - By Rolls3DVFX

II World War – 3D Models

1939-1945 In this time, I uploaded some of my II World War 3D Models. I´m very interested in this period of history, so I was…
30 de abril de 2011
Subb NiggurathFilmsVFX

Subb Niggurath

Subb Niggurath (2013) Director: Roberto Julio Alamo Producer: Guillermo García Insa Screenwriter: Roberto Julio Alamo Director of Photography: Fiacha O´Donnell Cast: Roberto Julio Alamo, Guillermo García Insa, Fiacha O´Donnel,…
16 de abril de 2011

Shooting of the film Vallenegro

The project Vallenegro, an horror short film written by Roberto Julio Alamo and directed by Roberto Julio Alamo and Raúl Jiménez Gil, starts this October 16, 2007.The film, produced by…
16 de octubre de 2007