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Subb Niggurath

Subb Niggurath (2013)

Director: Roberto Julio Alamo

Producer: Guillermo García Insa

Screenwriter: Roberto Julio Alamo

Director of Photography: Fiacha O´Donnell

Cast: Roberto Julio Alamo, Guillermo García Insa, Fiacha O´Donnel, Javier Paredero, Iván Sánchez, Pablo Cuadrado, Jose Carlos Pérez Marcos, Emmanuel Gesang as Cultist Oratio, Claudia Soir Ríos


1948 – Bolton, Massachussets. Herbert E. Dike, a II World War veteran, start to write his memories on the brink of madness, remembering the strange events that he lived during the conflict in Europe. Through his text, we will start to know how he and his sergeant Ronald Meehan get lost from his unit after a german attack. Stray in the middle of occupied France, both soldiers find a lonely village where an strange and ancient cult perpetrate sacrifices and obscene rituals in honor to horrendous unknown gods…

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