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Attack of the Broccoli Men from MarsFilmsVFX

Attack of the Broccoli Men from Mars

Attack of the Broccoli Men from Mars (2017) Director: Roberto Julio Alamo Producer: Roberto Julio Alamo and Guillermo García Insa Screenwriter: Roberto Julio Alamo Director of Photography: Roberto Julio…
10 de septiembre de 2017
Rong HongFilmsNewsVFX

Working on Rong Hong

I´m working on the VFX / CGI of the historical TV show 'Rong Hong', starring some of my friends, as Wes Strickland and Nathaniel Boyd.…
15 de agosto de 2017
Heart ShotsFilmsVFX


Heartshots (2016) Directed by David Alejandro Gen SINOPSIS:Two soldiers from opposing sides during World War II clash in a personal duel, in which a single…
9 de noviembre de 2016