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Lord of Darkness - By Rolls3DVFX

Lord of Darkness

Greetings friends, I want to show my new work: The Lord of Darkness. Is a character based in the character played by Tim Curry in…
2 de abril de 2015


Abaddon (2013) Created and Directed by Roberto Julio Alamo SINOPSIS:After a terrible battle, the knights of the Dragon Order who fought the Norther Kingdoms has…
16 de mayo de 2013
Best Film AwardAwardsFilmsMedia

Madrid Soundub Awards

Prize for the best animation short film at the Soundub Annual Film Awards, Spanish Film Academy, Madrid, Spain. Tartaruga film has been awarded the prize for…
16 de enero de 2013
The DoktorVFX

The Doktor

Best regards. This time I show you my new creation: The Doktor. Below I include some rendered frames and one video with the complete process…
28 de febrero de 2012
Dessert IslandFilms

Dessert Island

Dessert Island - A Cyberspace Odyssey (2011) SINOPSIS: Our shipwrecked friend has decided to open a coconut shop, but the tiny island's lack of external…
16 de abril de 2011


Tartaruga is a 3D Animation shortfilm where I worked as 3D Generalist making props, texturing, layouts and additional VFX. Now we have release it. Enjoy!…
11 de abril de 2011
Doctor CuloFilms

Doctor Culo

Premiere of my animation Cartoon Show Doctor Culo. Here you can see the first chapters of my Animated Show Doctor Culo, an irreverent dark humor…
28 de junio de 2009