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Rolls3D in 2020 Films Studio, ZhuhaiFilmsMediaVFX

DCZT Advertising

Working with 2020 Film Studios we recorded and edit the DaCheng Zhong Tian advertising, a promo showing the different services that DCZT offer.
12 de octubre de 2019
Bruegmann CanRollerMediaVFX

ProShelf – CanRoller

Greetings friends. On the occasion of my departure from the company Bruegmann, I would like to show you some of my latest works done during…
21 de marzo de 2015

3D Models for Nutriben

In CG Hidden Place Studio I´ve worked in the printed advertisings of Nutriben, creating babies 3D models for the promo of Nutriben products.
12 de septiembre de 2013
Follies - By Rolls3DMediaVFX

Follies – Advertising

Advertising for the Spanish Theatre that I did in Madrid. Was a presentation for the Broadway show by Stephen Shondheim: Follies. My work was projected…
28 de diciembre de 2011